The color - is a big privilege of vision and a power driver, which controls people's mood and has an influence on their emotions. The heavier the color is, the stronger our reaction to it. Certain colors cause fixed feelings. For instance, blue-is a cold color, it associates with sky and ground and come people down. On the other side is red- a hot color, it associates with bravery and passion, that call people to do something. From the marketing point of view -advantages of the color are very important. For the example, some bistro places are so bright in interior finish-like yellow and red, which excite and captivate people, making people swallow the food faster. On the other hand, presentable places like restaurants trying to use blue and green -more soothing colors that help people to relax and enjoy the meal. Besides, the color itself-plays a large part in the interior design or any composition, since the color is one of the elements that helps to build a balance, unity and rhythm and provoke specific feelings in people's mind. Even though, it’s only 12 primary colors in our world, a huge variety of color shades are derived from color mixing. By adding white, black and gray color we can get clear shades and tints. A light tint can be obtained by adding white into clear color. For instance, pink color is light tint of red. A dark tint can be obtained by adding black into a clear color. For example, a vinous color is a dark tint of a red color. A tint itself can be obtained by adding gray into the clear color. As an example- dark pink color is a tint of red color. Thanks to unique qualities of the balloons, the color can be effectively used while decorating and designing. Inflatable balloons fill in any space, creating vast, bright and strong colored designs and shapes.

Wedding, perhaps, one of the most exciting and significant events in our life. The beauty, grace, ease, lightness surround us this day. The solemn ornament of a wedding hall will help you to create holiday atmosphere, and impressions of this day for ever remain in memory both a newly-married couple, and visitors.
A variety of elements of the wedding decoration is very great; it can be helium an arch behind the groom and the bride, fountains on tables of visitors, hearts or swans from balloons, and also balloons with helium under a ceiling.
Besides separate elements of an ornament our company offers you packages of wedding decoration which already comprise basic elements of a wedding decor.

Alex S., Manager

We remember what entertainments from the childhood? One of them, of course, balloons. Present favorite and native memoirs from the childhood and they won't forget this birthday never. The ornament balloons delivers pleasure and to children, and adults.

Patrick Pool, Manager

For Anniversary we recommend inscriptions for a panel and compositions with Mylar in figures.
You open new shop is a joyful event. You want, that about it have learned all in district, have remembered for a long time and came to you again and again. A decoration balloons of an input, a show-window, a trading floor - the brightest, pleasant and remembered way of attraction of buyers. Distribution of balloons with a logo and the name of your company will increase efficiency of your advertizing campaign.

Gloria Mann, Consultant