Balloon Centerpiece or Bouquet

Mainly used as centerpiece for tables, the balloon bouquet really is the heart of a balloon display. Between two and nine balloons, tied to curling ribbons, are arranged in different heights and attached to a table base. In the examples below the base is either a weighted flower basket or a sand filled balloon. Yet it can be practically any decorative item that is heavy enough to hold the balloons in place and where the ribbons can be tied to.

A balloon centerpiece can be made of latex OR mylar (also known as foil) balloons OR you can combine them.

As the balloons have to be helium filled this choice determines the lifespan of your balloon decorations. Whereas mylar balloons will float up to 14 days, even the highest quality latex balloons won't stay up longer than for about 12 to 24 hours. However, by using a product called hi-float, it's possible to make them last 10 to 25 times as long!

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